The Functions Rename of G02.G03

To Valued Customer:

To Valued Customer

Thank you for your continued support always.


To make the spool models consistent with the oil circuit, and the relevance between symbols and spool models to our valued customers, Tai-Huei would propose the modification on spool models of solenoid valve.


1.    1.1.2B2 and 2A2 are using same spool of single side of 3C2, the circuit relevance is in opposite assembly.

2.    2.2.2B2 and 2B2L are the same symbol but electrified from opposite sides, using the different spool models in operation.

3.    The original opposite assembly in 2B2B is 2B2B-L, it’s not easy for customers to clarify the difference between “L” and “-L”.

4.    In page 20 of Tai-Huei catalog - The spool functions list for G02/G03, Tai-Huei would modify the spool models for opposite assembly, ex. 2B2B-L will be modified to 2A2B.

5.    Those modifications will be applied in nameplate, sticker on the box and invoice and related shipping docs…etc.

6.    The update list of spool functions for G02/G03 is as below: